Download ZIP file with WWWform unzip with SharpZipLib possible?

Hey guys and gals,

I'm developing an app for a client that will require custom .zip data files (i.e. images, video, audio, folder structure, etc) to be downloaded to the iPad from a webserver and then unzipped on the iPad to the documents folder to be accessed later with AssetBundles are not an option as the user will be creating these ZIP archives through na desktop application.

The unzipping works fine on local files (c:/ and I know who to use wwwform.

Question: can WWWform be used in this manner? My tests seem to say no. If not is there a .NET library available I should be using? Anyone now of a commercial plugin/solution for this?

Below is some pseudo code to illustrate:

var url : String = "";
var www = new WWW(url); 

        // wait until the download is done
        yield www; 

        if(www.isDone) {
        myZipFile =  www.bytes; 
        showButton = true;
        FolderZipper.ZipUtil.UnZipFiles("c:/_PTP/" + myZipFile,"C:/_PTP/","",false);


You're trying to use the downloaded bytes as the path for the string - you may need to make a helper function in ZipUtil which takes bytes instead of a path (which just gets the bytes from the hard drive anyway from what i saw when checking for that class)