downloaded texture AssetBundle

I builded my assetbundles but those are only textures.
How can those downloaded assetbundles be available to its specified gameobject?
Does it automatically LINK to its specified gameobjects?

I’ve tried my question but it seems it is not working or I just dont know how to do it.

  IEnumerator DownloadAndCache (){
        while (!Caching.ready)
            yield return null;
        using(WWW www = WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload (BundleURL, version))
            yield return www;
            if (www.error != null)
                throw new Exception("WWW download had an error:" + www.error);
            AssetBundle bundle = www.assetBundle;

Unless you are bundling a gameobject with texture references as a prefab, I think you will have to load each texture manually. You can try:

Texture2D texture1 = bundle.LoadAsset(“texture1”, typeof(Texture2D))

Texture2D texture2 = bundle.LoadAsset(“texture2”, typeof(Texture2D))



Texture2D textures = bundle.LoadAllAssets(typeof(Texture2D))

You can also refer to Unity docs for reference. :slight_smile: