Downloaded Unity, now my project is messed up

I just downloaded the new version of unity. Everything went well in the download, but when I opened my old project and updated it everything was messed up. Objects were all clumped together off away from the terrain. Trees I had made were sitting on their sides, and their leaves were gone. Pretty much every object is sideways. Scripts and audio work fine, but object orientation and location is messed up and no animations will play. Any idea what might fix this? I already tried exporting my project as a package with unity 3, but that didn’t change anything. Thanks for reading this!


It Happens… Just now i migrated from Unity 4 to 5, there are some things broken, eventhough unity automatically translates/fixes quite a bit. So, right now, I work simultaneously on a 4.x branch as well as a 5.x branch, fixing issues one by one. Once I’ve fixed all the issues, I’ll completely switch over to unity 5 …