Downloading 'Fast-Follow' asset pack via Play Asset Delivery always report a progress of 0.

Hi, I’m trying out the example of Addressables support for Play Asset Delivery from this official example project and encounter a problem where I cannot retrieve the download progress of ‘Fast-Follow’ addressable assets from the AsyncOperationHandle. It’s always return “0” whether I use PercentComplete or GetDownloadStatus().

For more context, I was packaging a video player prefab with a 120 MB video file in an Addressables Group and built it as ‘Fast-Follow’ asset pack using the example project above and follow the provided instructions here

Then I wrote a loader script that simply load the video via Addressable API and getting the download progress to display it on the text component.

IEnumerator Start()
    var handle = Addressables.LoadAssetAsync<GameObject>("VideoPlayer");
    while (!handle.IsDone)
        text.text = handle.GetDownloadStatus().Percent + "% (" + handle.GetDownloadStatus().DownloadedBytes + " B)";
        yield return null;

    var result = Instantiate(handle.Result);
    result.transform.localScale =;
    result.transform.localPosition =;

It turns out, both Percent and DownloadedBytes always return 0 when I try out the uploaded build on my Android device. But the download is running in the background because I was able to see the video loads up after I left the app open for a while, I just cannot retrieve the download progress to show on the UI. Am I doing something wrong here? Or is this an issue on the Unity side or the example project?