Downloading files from Dropbox

Is it possible to download files from Dropbox using Unity? Like, for example, i want to download this certain file from Dropbox and, I would enter the filename and download it by tapping a button. Does Dropbox have an API for unity? Thanks in advance.

Yes it is possible. The question is are you capable to do it. Is your project for mobile or desktop platform? Do you have experience in writing plugins?

Dropbox have API for developers and it’s here: DBX Platform for Developers - Dropbox
As you can see on these links some guy’s already built some stuff with it:
Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making
Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

If anyone else will face same problem: I just created asset for easy downloading from Dropbox and realtime tracking of changes: DropboxSync - Asset Store

Example usage:

// Download Jpeg image from Dropbox (or used cached if no updates)
// and receive it as Texture2D object.
DropboxSync.Main.GetFile<Texture2D>("/DropboxSyncExampleFolder/image.jpg", (res) => {
        Debug.LogError("Error getting picture from Dropbox: "+res.errorDescription);
        Debug.Log("Received picture from Dropbox!");
        var tex =;
}, useCachedFirst:true);