Downloading files in the Editor

I am trying to download files in the editor itself. However I am getting nothing from it.

Here is my js code so far

class MyTestWindow extends EditorWindow {
    var myString : String;

    @MenuItem ("MyTestWindow/Check For Updates")
    static function Init () {

        var window : MyTestWindow = EditorWindow.GetWindow (MyTestWindow);
        window.Show ();

    function OnGUI () {
        EditorGUILayout.TextArea(myString, GUILayout.ExpandWidth(true), GUILayout.ExpandHeight(true));

    function GetPage()
        var www : WWW = new WWW("");
        yield www;
        myString =;

Thank you

Not sure, but I guess www won't work in the editor because Coroutines depend on the game loop and update being called regularly, which doesn't happen in the editor.

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