downloading obj file and importing -- the simplest method?

Ok, so the process I’m trying to follow is:

  1. Download a free model (.obj). For instance, from this website: link text

  2. Import the model to Blender. (I believe this is necessary because if I just load it into Unity the textures are not showing properly.) I found a video on how to get the model from Blender to Unity: link text

Problem is, that video assumes you know how to use Blender, which I don’t!

So, I’m wondering if I should just learn to use Blender and go from there, or is there another resource that will be easier for me to get OBJ files into Unity and appear the way they should with textures, etc?
I even noticed this page here: link text

But that doesn’t work for me (perhaps I need the full version of Unity?). When I drag the .blend file into Unity, a file shows up in the project folder, but I can’t do anything with it.

OK, so the bottom line is that I’m trying to import a free OBJ file into Unity, but I’m looking for the simplest way to do this and preserve textures. Thanks for any advice!

EDIT: I’ve added a screenshot to show what I’m looking at in Unity: alt text

Unity can read .obj files, and .blend files natively.

Once your .obj file is in your assets pane, simply drag it onto your scene.
Then press the ‘F’ button to zoom in focus on your model (it might be really small)

If nothing appears, check that the textures are assigned correctly to the model materials, if not assign them manually.

If that still doesn’t work, I’d suggest importing the .obj file into Blender, fixing any issues, then re-exporting in .blend format, and try import that into Unity.

Good luck