downloding movie texture

i want to download the movie and audio file when running the game from a server with url address i do not want to save the movie and audio file in my development file i want to download it from sever or a url address while running the game and i want to see the progress of movie and audio file download to my game while playing is it possible any alternate option is available in java the below code i am using movie file directly from my my project file instead of that i want to use the movie file from the server or url during run time of game instead of saving in my project file.Thanks in advance

              var renplane : Renderer;
              var movtex  : MovieTexture;

              function Update()
              movtex.loop = true;
              renplane.renderer.material.mainTexture = movtex;

Try With this script from Manual

var url = "";
function Start () {
// Start download
var www = new WWW(url);

// Make sure the movie is ready to start before we start playing
var movieTexture =;
while (!movieTexture.isReadyToPlay)

// Initialize gui texture to be 1:1 resolution centered on screen
guiTexture.texture = movieTexture;

transform.localScale = Vector3 (0,0,0);
transform.position = Vector3 (0.5,0.5,0);
guiTexture.pixelInset.xMin = -movieTexture.width / 2;
guiTexture.pixelInset.xMax = movieTexture.width / 2;
guiTexture.pixelInset.yMin = -movieTexture.height / 2;
guiTexture.pixelInset.yMax = movieTexture.height / 2;

// Assign clip to audio source
// Sync playback with audio
audio.clip = movieTexture.audioClip;

// Play both movie & sound

use the WWW class and it's movie property the video should be in Ogg theora format and the documentation have a good sample. it's really easy to do.