Drag-and-Drop GameObjects

Hello, I am looking for a way to drag and drop GameObjects around the screen using the screen touch on the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad. Currently, I am using a GUI Button to instantiate the object into the world, and now I would like the player to be able to drag each object around by pressing on top of it, and then sliding their finger on the screen. Can you please point me in the right direction?


I’ve made few tutorials on dragging and rotating an object by touch(Unity iOS), just wanna share them.

These are the Youtube videos:



Get the source code from my website:


Hope it helps.

There's a good script on the wiki to just that. Should at least give you a good research starting point. Script link here.

Note this is for use with a mouse, however converting to use iPhone input shouldn't be too difficult.

I thought you may create one position when you click on the screen then using camera position and "finger" position to made a raycast

this raycast will trigger the object you want to drag when you leave finger away ,the gameobject will be dropped as soon as the raycasthit function ended

now the drag function using fixupdate() to adjust the coordinator of the gameobject by detecting the coordinator of your finger

last but not least,when you try to drag those things with physics effect please add rigibody and collision on that gameobject too

FingerGestures has a bunch of toolbox scripts (TBInputManager + TBDrag) to take care of object-dragging for you. You may want to give it a look!

Check this out this might help you guys – http://aarlangdi.blogspot.com.au