Drag and drop items to many box available

I’m being to create mini game. Request: drag items to object by corresponding number and then drop enough items like request, it will message: You Win!
For example: if request 2, so you drag 2 items then drop 2 items to bellow object
p/s: item in middle like picture must be more items, depending on requirements of program.
do you scripts? I want to refer

Here is a simple example to get you started:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class drop : MonoBehaviour {

	public class box { public Rect pos; public bool off;}
	public Texture2D background;
	public string answer;
	public box[] picks;
	public box[] drops;
	public int xidx;
	public int idx{get{return xidx;}set{
	public string[] dropnames = new string[]{"banannas", "carrots","peanuts","beer"};
	public string[] picknames = new string[]{"monkeys", "squirels","rabbits","grandmas"};

	public float sx,sy,mx,my,rx,ry;
	void Start () {
		background = new Texture2D (1, 1);
		sx = Screen.width;
		sy = Screen.height;
		int i = picknames.Length;
		picks  = new box*;*

_ float xp = Screen.width * .2f;_

  •  while(i>0){i--;*

_ picks*=new box();_
picks_.pos = new Rect(xp,sy.3f,sx*.12f,sy*.09f);
i = dropnames.Length;
drops = new box*;
xp = Screen.width * .2f;
drops=new box();
drops.pos = new Rect(xp,sy.6f,sx*.12f,sy*.09f);_


* void OnGUI(){int i;*
_ GUI.Label (new Rect(0, 0, sx, sy * .2f), answer);
* i = drops.Length;
while (i>0) {i–;
i = picks.Length;
while (i>0) {i–;
void Update () {int i;
mx = Input.mousePosition.x;
my = sy-Input.mousePosition.y;
if (Input.GetMouseButton(0)) {
if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown (0)) {
i = picks.Length;while(i>0){i–;
if(!picks.off&&picks.pos.Contains(new Vector3(mx,my,0))){*_

print (“dragging:”+picknames);idx = i;break;}
}}}else{idx=-1;}if (idx > -1) {
picks[idx].pos = new Rect(mx+rx,my+ry,picks[idx].pos.width,picks[idx].pos.height);}
void check(int v){
int i = drops.Length;
while(i>0){i–;if(drops.pos.Contains(new Vector3(mx,my,0))){
picks[v].off = true;
answer = "User thinks that “+picknames[v]+” eat "+dropnames;print(answer);break; }