Drag and drop Word game

Hi, im using unity 4.3 and making a simple 2d game that have some sprites with words that you need drag and put in the right location in a text to complete the phrase.

Like this:


My problem is in the left side i have one sprite with one 3D Text, what i need is to create Box colliders 2D in the position of () when i initiate the prefab, there is any way to get the position of () in the 3D Text and create a Box collider ? i cant do this in the editor because the text changes depending on the current level, so will never be the same position.

One solution that i found its get the String that contains the text, split by words and create a new 3D Text for each word with a 2d collider, and then align the words as a normal text, but i dont have any idea how i can implement this in C#.