Drag and throw ball

As the title suggest I want to drag and throw ball in which finger swipe in 2d game.

For this I used spring joint as this post suggest but at present it creates more bounciness from touch point.

How to drag and throw 2D objects?

My component value represented in following image that I have attach to my ball object.


So how to stop this bounciness? I want only that much bounce that looks normal and player can able to throw ball.

You can control the bounciness using the Physics Material2D, you are not using nay for now.

Bets is to create a new one with right-click->create->PhysicsMaterial2D then you are given 2 values only Friction and Bounciness and they do exactly what they say. Then add it to your Collider and you will see differences.

Best is to create one for the ball and one for the ground, the engine will take care of the rest.