Dragon Eye: Legacy - a fantasy adventure game

Legacy is a largely conversation-driven adventure game set in a fantasy world I am building. It stands out due to its focus on treating NPCs as real people with memories and reactions to your words, who are also connected to each other and gossip about you. In a medieval/fantasy society, your reputation matters.

You play the role of Nevan, a young man whose father has just been arrested and taken away by a local baron, and who has travelled to the neighboring barony following his father's mysterious last words...

Here are two screenshots from the current version:


The above is a typical interaction scene. Like in old-school adventure games, the top shows an impression of the scene while the bottom is the area for descriptions and where you enter your actions and answers. The scenes are static images.


This is the map view which appears in several different places. For example, the two towns in the map also have town maps. In this view you can click on a place to select it and then the player token (visible in the right-center) will move there, using A* pathfinding.

One design decision I made was to have the world actually progress in time. The top-right shows a calendar with date, time and weather. At the moment, weather influences travel times on the map (i.e. when it rains a lot, then the roads are muddy and travel is slower until it has dried - which can take up to a day of dry weather, depending on various circumstances.)
There is also a day/night cycle, which has a few effects such as travel through the forest at night being dangerous and town gates and many shops closing at night. You can rent a room in an inn.

The game is based on the current Unity version, using a couple of assets from the asset store, such as the pathfinding or the excellent Dialogue System and Love/Hate system to run the dialogs and to track the NPC relations to each other and to you.

The actual dialogs are written in the Ink language, and imported using the Unity Ink integration and Dialogue System's Ink 3rd party support.

The game is currently in active development. A few preview versions have been shared with my Patrons and a few friends.

I am now at the stage where I'd like more feedback and testing, so I'm reaching out to a few of the communities around Unity, indie games and adventure/roleplaying games.

So if this kind of games are something you like, and you'd like to be a playtester, the deal is that you can have the current preview version under the condition of giving constructive feedback. :-)

I'm also interested in general feedback about the UI, layout and everything else you see here.


Game is making good progress these days. I have added more locations, and voice overs for at least the first map. I am also fixing a couple of bugs, preparing for a first public release.

Here is another screenshot from the current build:

The game is now on itch.io - https://lemuriaorg.itch.io/dragon-eye-legacy - there are more details there as well as a download (early access is "pay what you want", which can be nothing).

I've yesterday worked on fixing a few performance issues, such capping the frame rate so it doesn't burn CPU cycles to render 400 FPS. :-)

A new, much updated version has been uploaded. I've spent a lot of time on bugfixing, as well as adding unit tests to ensure that what has been fixed stays fixed. :-)


It's really coming along nicely.

very cool