Drap & Drop Object to Scene

Hello Everyone,

I have a problem about the drag & drop objects from my gui to game area... I have a gui and objects in my gui... I want drag&drop this objects to my area?

I need an example or tutorial how can i make that in Unity.

Can you help me ?

I think I understand what you are saying. You are displaying items in your GUI as icons and want to drag them into your game as gameobjects. If this is the case can I suggest you initially implent this as GUI buttons. The image of the button is the image of the item. When you click the button instantiate the item as a game object don't worry initially where you instantiate it, just make it is somewhere you can see it - experiment. You can check out the unity script documentation for GUI.Button and Instantiate and this will give you enough to make this happen.

Once you have done that look at how the button is drawn and think about how you could move where it is drawn using Input.MousePosition again check this out in the scripting manual.

Once you have done that, work on where in your scene you want the object to be instantiated. You can use something like Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(use mouseposition here) to get the position to create the object.