Draw a line via script and make a solid with it..

Hello everybody! I'd like to know how to draw lines via script to make a solid figure, for example a cube, a triangle or a circle. After this I'd like to "extrude" the shape and give it a size (thickness).

I found Handles.Drawline on the help and this is the code I wrote:

var dot1 : Vector3;

var dot2 : Vector3;

function Start()

var linea = Handles.DrawLine(dot1,dot2);


This gives me an error: Unknown identifier : Handles. Where is my error?

And then when I finally create my line and my shape how do I extrude it? Thank you very much.

Handles is an editor class, and can only be used in editor scripts (which must be placed in a folder called Editor in your project's Assets folder), and will only work in the editor.

To create solid shapes, you don't need to extrude anything; use the Mesh class.

Just so you know, you can declare variables like this:

var dot1 = Vector3(0, 0, 0);

(or in that particular case, "Vector3.zero".)