Draw a Vector line ???

Hi guys !
I’m wondering how to draw and control a vector line (like in Illustrator) with scripting ?

I hope you understand what I mean, and someone knows how to make it…
Thanks in advance !

I use Vectrocity from the asset store to do all my vector line work. It has a great API and is easy to get up and running with.

If not for debug purposes drawing a vector line in Unity is not easy actually.

Debug.Line can be used for debugging, GL.Begin(GL.LINES) is ugly and you can’t control lines’ material nor lines’ thickness.

The easiest way is Vectrosity plugin. For drawing lines with custom materials it is really good. Check out Vectrosity’s docs there are script examples. You can’t use it to draw lots of lines though. For this purpose you must use custom shader tricks found here.

Use Debug.Line or GL.Begin(Lines) for drawing lines. For Curve math-logic I guess you will have to google it.