Draw call batching causes fps drop

Hi i am new to unity and i was experimenting with draw call batching and it reduces frame rate on editor and in device it runs in 3 or 4fps.

Here is the scenario:

1.I have one camera in scene and then i had created 300 quads in front of camera all shares same material with scale of x:205,y:200,z:1 covering the entire screen leaving some space around borders and shader i use is unlit/Transparent that comes with unity.Now if i check the fps it shows 20 in editor and in device 3 fps.In stats window when i checked it shows draw calls 1 and saved by batching is 199.I don’t know why this happens even if i have only one draw call.But i get good fps for same 300 objects in editor as well as in device if i have a scale of x:5,y:5.5,z:1.I don’t know what is the issue for this i checked on internet but i get nothing related to this issue.Can someone help me on these.if u want i can send the project i have it just have one material,one texture in project and in hierarchy i have camera and 300 objects.

Non-uniform scaling has a negative impact on rendering performance. In order to transform vertex normals correctly, we transform the mesh on the CPU and create an extra copy of the data. Normally we can keep the mesh shared between instances in graphics memory, but in this case you pay both a CPU and memory cost per instance.”