Draw Call Batching doesn't work

When I generate a great quantity GameObjects which are used the same material and scale,the draw call bathing doesn’t work.For example the following picture:

Give this a shot. In the menu at the top, under Component → Mesh there’s a script called “Combine Children”. Give that a shot by adding it as a component to a parent transform, with all of your GameObjects as children of this parent.

For batching to happen there shouldnt be any animation on the game object.

Also remember that meshes of larger size wont be batched dynamically. Try to mark them static, so that it may be added to static batching (you can mark it static by ticking the static check box on the top right of the inspector window.) also make sure that both static and dynamic batching are selected in the player settings.

if it is still not batched post a picture of the game object, so we could understand something. Rather than posting just the stats pop up.

Make sure you don’t clone the material at runtime. If that’s the case, then every object will have its own duplicated material.

For example, this kind of code causes a cloning:

renderer.material.color = Color.white;

In that particular case, vertex coloring is a workaround to change the color without duplicating the material.

Try to use only renderer.sharedMaterial or renderer.sharedMaterials.