Draw Calls and Batching changing as I move the object in the camera view - why is this?

I am doing testing for a scene, and I have two objects.

One object as 4 instances of the same object contained with in it. It has 1 Draw Call, and 3 Batched. See 1 in attachment.

I then add a second object that is the same as the first object, but with one difference, I scaled down one of the objects. I now have 3 Draw Calls, 5 Batched. See 2 in attachment.

I the move over the scaled-down object and I get the same 3 Draw Calls, 5 Batched. See 3 in attachment.

I then move the scaled-down object slightly over, but still in the camera view, and now I get 2 Draw Calls, 6 Batched. See 4 in attachment.

I am not sure how these Draw Calls and Batched numbers are being generated, specifically why it goes from 2 to 3, and then back to 2, and the only difference is the scaled-down object and it’s position. Any advice would be great!

Is this not sufficient?