Draw Calls increased after I upgraded to 4.0

I’ve been working on a game for a few months now and was editing it in 3.5. My draw calls in the game then were around 28-40. Yesterday I upgraded to 4.0 and noticed that the draw calls shot way up. I did not change anything in my project, but it had to be upgraded to work in 4.0 (obviously). Now they’re between 60-110.

Does anyone have any idea why this happened and if so, what settings can be changed to fix this? Or does Unity 4 just work differently now? Thanks!

man dont tell me batching has gotten worse it was already crap in v3

anyways if you looked at the update sell page

it said they made lots of “improvements” to the rendering system allowing for AAA quality

now i havent upgraded yet mostly because i have pro for 3 and dont yet want to shell out for pro 4

so i will let you be the judge

ignoring the fact that batching probably requires more special circumstances to work
is your performance better or worse than it was

as in has frame rate and processing dropped

maybe they somehow made those drawcalls more efficient at the cost of batching