Draw Graph with Vectrosity in NGUI window


I actually make a chemical reaction simulator for a game, and I would like to draw graphs that will represents the concentration of each molecules.

So I bought NGUI and Vectrosity because Vectrosity seems to be the best way to draw graphs.
For now I have some 2D curves (VectorLines) made with Vectrosity and it works fine.
I also have my window made of sprites and labels wich was built with NGUI.

So now, I wondering me how can put this curves in the window.

The main problem is to cut the curves at the edges of the window (NGUI sprite).
One of my ideas was to create 3D VectorLines and modify the depth view of the camera to hide some points by assigning them a huge (or not) Z position. But for now it seems really hard to do that and not really fancy.

Can somebody help me or give me advices?

Thanks in advance for your answers

I know this is years late, but you could try NGraph out.
I have just released a graphing utility for NGUI (and soon other GUI toolkits) called NGraph:

alt text