Draw in 2D then One Click Animate in 3D

Hi All:

I came across this Unity application that lets you draw or sketch in 2D and generates an immediate one click 3D animation of the drawn scene. Please see video below.

Can anyone please suggest how this may have been accomplished specifically? Anything I can leverage on the Asset Store? I'm just a beginner :( - any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!


It looks to me like they are completely in 2D and then completely in 3D. I would guess that they implemented what they did by using the same underlying data for two completely different environments.

That seems like it might be a little difficult to implement in Unity, since it's not really setup for that. This is one example where it would seem to me Unity is at a disadvantage over doing things the hard way with DirectX or OpenGL. Seems to me like building your own engine that's designed from the ground up might have an advantage on this one. Its kind of rare that I see examples where Unity may be greatly disadvantaged.

Still, there's probably a way to do it in Unity. Again, the underlying data needs to be used both in 2D and 3D. So, you could maybe have a parent game object with both a 2D and a 3D version. Every object on screen would have both a 2D and 3D version and you would switch between the two. Sounds very complicated to me.

Its just a matter of the camera, it can still be a 3d camera pointing down from above to look like 2d, and aiming at a version of the objects that seem flat... then just moving the camera to a perspective position and using different graphics. The objects are probably moved by following/interpolating the drawn paths which are probably stored in memory.

Thanks, I looked at the "Mouse Path Animator" tool in your signature. Do you think this tool could be used to achieve the following drawn paths feature?

mmm possibly.. it only works in 2d and it only works with a front-view in the XY plane. However, you could put the camera pointing down Z and modify the direction of gravity to be 'sideways'... then your whole game would have to basically operate sideways when you're in 3D. That said you have to record the mouse paths in the scene view, it does not support recording at runtime, so I don't think that will work for you.