Drawcalls or Batched, which is more important to performace?

Hello once again everyone. Busy day for me here on Unity Answers. Anyway, I have a question about performance. I have been running my game with the statistics window open and I noticed that is has a draw calls field and a batched field. Both of my numbers are high and could and should be lowered, but my question is when it comes to performance, which one should I pay more attention to? The draw calls or the batched field? And if it is batched, how do I go about lowering it?

Just for reference:

At the fastest part of my game I have 151 draw calls and 14 batched
At the slowest part of my game I have ~4000 draw calls and ~9000 batched

This certainly leads me to believe that batched is the number I want to pay attention to, as even in the slow parts my FPS rises as my batched decreases.

Batched is a good thing. Batched is the number of objects that Unity combined into a single draw call. The higher that number, the more draw calls you are saving. The reason you are getting a slower frame rate is because 4000 draw calls is rather high. You want a lower draw calls and to raise the batching.