Drawcalls vs MeshCombiners

I have a question

Lets say i create a cilinder in game and save it as prefab, then i create a group of cilinder and make their parent an empty game object, should i combine them to create a new mesh and save it as prefab or should i just save the empty game object as prefab.

Thing is when i dont combine to make a new mesh its gonna use more drawcalls which is a no no for mobile gaming, but also if i combine meshes its gonna take more time to load, or am i mistaken.

I’m currently on unity free so no dynamic batching

This is the games series i’m developing


Thanks in advance

This really depends on how many cylinders you’re making. If it’s a LOT (somewhere in the order of 10,000+), then you may want to consider it. Otherwise, dynamically creating meshes in Unity can be a bit messy. You would need to take the vertices, triangles, uv coordinates, and normals of all the individuals, as well as the materials they used, and basically slap them all into a single mesh, and its renderer (respectively).

You can find a pretty good example on the Unity Forums.

If you’re not creating that many cylinders, (only a few hundred, max), then I really see no reason to combine the meshes. The game will run a bit slower, sure, but unless the system is incredibly old, it will likely not even be noticeable. Unity is (believe it or not) very good at optimizing a lot of things, and will generally only hiccup if you try to manage memory, manually, by constantly creating and destroying things.