Drawing a '2D Line' in GUI mode. (Not in the Scene editor)

How can I draw a 2D line in Unity3D? I've been attempting to figure it out w/ GUI.Label, and GUIUtility.ScaleAroundPivot, though I'm having difficulties understanding how to use it properly. Previously I was using the GL.Begin(GL.Lines) to render the lines, and it worked fine.. only sometimes I'd find fragments of my lines scattered on the GUI, and would have to 'Refresh' each Editor GUI Component to clear the fragments.. As well as they didn't properly clip with the GUI.BeginGroup();

So, if anyone out there knows the fastest/most efficient way to do this, while keeping the Clipping of GUI.BeginGroup() in working order, I'd be most appreciated.

Problem solved as far as clipping, and drawing a 2D line goes. Solution may be found here

Although, I still find some rather nasty fragments, only once an editor is re-painted( becomes focused ) the ugly fragments go away.