Drawing GUI Text using Javascript

Okay, I made a checkpoint object and I want to display text right after the player collides with it. Now I have trided various ways to do this, but the closest things that have happened is that I have implemented GUIText to show an image with a message drawn on it. Now all I need is a way to make that message disappear after 2 seconds. Can anyone helpe me?

var yourGUItext : GUIText;

function ShowGUIText()
    yourGUItext.enabled = true;

function HideGUIText()
    yield WaitForSeconds(2);
    yourGUItext.enabled = false;

ShowGUIText() is the function you should call to show the guitext. You can just place the content of the function in the place you currently display it.
yourGUItext needed a reference to the GameObject on which you have the guitext you are displaying.

//coloque :

yourGUItext.guiText.enabled = false;

//ou (or):