Drawing Handles

I have been trying to draw handles for the past 2 days with very little success, not sure which portion of what I am doing is wrong.

I don’t want to use gizmos (as they require a monobehaviour that doesn’t really fit what I’m doing)

here is a snippet of code

public class AdaptivePathEditor : EditorWindow {

public void Update () {
		Handles.DrawCamera(new Rect(0,0,500,500),Camera.current);

I would also like a object that can be created and dragged into a an editor window but that probably requires inheriting from scriptable object which is another thing entirely.

Use OnSceneGUI of custom editor for handles

I believe that you need to use the OnSceneGUI message handler of a custom Editor for this:

public class AdaptivePathEditor : Editor {
    void OnSceneGUI() {
        Handles.DrawCamera(new Rect(0,0,500,500), Camera.current);
        Handles.PositionHandle(Vector3.zero, Quaternion.identity);

For more information please see:

Otherwise you may need to consider using the Graphics and/or GL class instead. Though I am not sure how you would “inject” that into a scene view without a custom editor or gizmos.

Define a static gizmo function

Another alternative would be to draw gizmos from your editor window:

public class YourEditorWindow : EditorWindow {

    static YourEditorWindow window;

    static void RenderCustomGizmo(Transform objectTransform, GizmoType gizmoType) {
        if (window == null)

        // Draw gizmos...

    // Maintain static reference to window
    void OnEnable() {
        window = this;
    void OnDisable() {
        window = null;

    void OnGUI() {


For further information please see: