Drawing lines in editor without running the game?

Is this even possible? I have a script that generates waypoints on my terrain and I want to see all the connections between the waypoints so I can move them around and edit links as I see fit, but I do not want these lines to be visible in the game at all. Is there a current solution that will work? Each waypoint has a list of all the waypoints it is connected to as well. I prefer to do this without running the game since everything tends to reset back if you move things around one you stop the game.

NOTE: I am using unity 5.1.3f1 because 5.2.x broke V’s terrain hole system.

You might want to use the linerenderer class Unity - Scripting API: LineRenderer
and use the function LineRenderer.SetPosition to store all waypoints, so that you can be able to see a line joining them Unity - Scripting API: LineRenderer.SetPosition

Then at runtime you could disable the LineRenderer component in order to hide it