Drawing several cubes produces graphical glitches.

I have a world that is made up of 1x1 cubes, all cubes are placed by pressing ctrl to move them all exactly the same distance (1 meter) so none of them are overlapping, however, when the game is ran and I move around, I notice horizontal lines that suddenly pop up and then disappear, I was wondering if you guys know what causes this and how to remedy it.

Here’s a pic showing the problem, in this case only 1 line can be seen but sometimes it’s a lot more, they show up and disappear very quickly but it’s still annoying.

Thanks a lot!.

try changing vsync count and reduce quality level in Edit > project Settings > Quality in Unity
,Go to Edit > Project Settings > Quality and change try changing “Vsync Counter” . Changing Graphic Quality Level may be helpful , try medium level graphic setting .