Drawing tiny objects (grid problem)

I have the following environments:

  1. Ground - A cube with scale (10,0.2,10)
  2. Tiny objects - A cube with scale (0.028, 0.056, 0.013)
  3. Looking the scene from top view
  4. Draw grid lines using LineRenderer on top of the ground

Everything works as expected except some of the grid lines do not show up or too thick.

I tried with the following:

  1. lineRenderer.SetWidth(0.01, 0.01). Result: Some of the grid lines do not show up
  2. lineRenderer.SetWidth(0.02, 0.02). Result: Some of the grid lines are too thick

I appreciate any advice.
Thanks in advance for your help.

I bought Vectrosity from Star Scene Software. It solves my grid problem.

Great product and GREAT support! It has saved hours even days of my time.

Use a (repeating) texture for the ground that has the grid lines on it, that way the Bilinear filtering will ensure you get something at any scale.