DrawMeshInstancedIndirect throws "not supported" error despite being supported

I am attempting to use DrawMeshInstancedIndirect for optimization of my game and it runs great in editor and on most other devices, however I am running into an issue where unity throws invalidoperationexception: instancing is not supported

Using SystemInfo.supportsInstancing on device returns true.

The device also runs OpenGL est 3.2

Phone model is Samsung SM-G991B (Samsung s21 5g).

What is interesting, is that when attempting to run the same application on a different model of the same phone (SM-G991U1) it runs perfectly fine. The difference between the two models is their GPU, but both of them are supposed to support instancing.

What could be the cause of this?

Here is system info specs from the device that gets an error:
Model: Samsung SM-G991B
Device Type: Handheld
Copy Texture Support: Basic, Copy3D, DifferentTypes, TextureToRT, RTToTexture
Graphics Device Name: Mali-G78
Graphics Device Type: OpenGLES3
Graphics Device Vendor: ARM
Graphics Device Version: OpenGL ES 3.2 v1.r32p1-01bet2-mbs2v39_0.f99ba4208fdd3cd75b7876c6eee932cf
Graphics Memory Size: 2048
Graphics Multi Threading: True
Graphics Shader Level: 50
Graphics UV starts at Top: False
Has Dynamic Uniform Array Indexing in Fragment Shaders: True
Has Hidden Surface Removal on GPU: False
Max Cubemap Size: 16383
Max Texture Size: 16383
NPOT Support: Full
Operating System: Android OS 12 / API-31 (SP1A.210812.016/G991BXXU3BUK8)
Operating Family System: Other
Processor Count: 8
Processor Frequency: 2912
Processor Type: ARM64 FP ASMID AES
Supported Render Target Count: 8
Supports 2D Array Textures: True
Supports 32 Bits Index Buffer: True
Supports 3D Render Textures: True
Supports 3D Textures: True
Supports Accelerometer: True
Supports Async Compute: False
Supports Async GPU Readback: False
Supports Audio: True
Supports Compute Shaders: True
Supports Cubemap Array Textures: True
Supports GPU Fence: True
Supports Gyroscope: True
Supports Hardware Quad Topology: True
Supports Instancing: True
Supports Location Service: True
Supports Mip Streaming: True
Supports Motion Vectors: True
Supports Multisample Auto Resolve: True
Supports Multisampled Textures: 1
Supports Raw Shadow Depth Sampling: True
Supports Separated Render Target Blend: True
Supports Shadows: True
Supports Sparse Textures: False
Supports Texture Wrap Mirror Once: 0
Supports Vibration: True
System Memory Size: 7196
Uses Reversed Z Buffer: False

Strange, this is exception is only thrown based on SystemInfo.supportsInstancing like:

  if (!SystemInfo.supportsInstancing)
                throw new InvalidOperationException("Instancing is not supported.");

What's the version of Unity?
Can you please report a bug with repro project?

It turns out that the tester's device didn't get that specific error, and instead just had the DMII call not go through without any logs or errors. Sorry for the confusion