Drawtime of the Editor?

When Unity hangs itself, there's no Debug.Log-output at all. Ist that because it doesn't get called or because it doesn't get drawn?

The first option doesn't make too much sense, because if there are Debug-calls before the defective code, Unity can't possibly crash without calling those first.

So that second option leads me to my question: When does the editor get drawn?

Like the Runtime-stuff after LateUpdate?

I’m primarily interested about runtime, but curious about non-runtime, too.

Thanks & Greetz, Ky.

Edit as a side-note:

Researching Debug.Log a little more, there’s a third option: that the debug gets called, but not sent to the Console until the end of the frame.

(Thus it doesn’t get drawn not because the draw-calls are weird but because it’s never sent, as the end of frame is never reached.)

But that doesn’t change my question, obviously. I’m still curious. =)

Not really an answer on your question but although the editor often doesn't show the last few log messages, they still end up in the Editor log file on disk.

To answer your question a bit, I assume the log console of Unity is synchronous like the rest of unity seems to be so it updates the displayed entries once every frame or so. So although the log entry can be added to the internal log list it isn't added to the visual representation of the console window, this probably is a separate datastructure to handle cleaning the log or culling the non-error entries at start of play and stuff. Of course this is pure guesswork and could be totally wrong.