driving game power ups

i have mario kart style power up boxes, each has a collider on it.

when i drive into the box its like i have hit a brick wall. it destroys as desired, but the car is effected by the collision, normally throwing it into the air which is obviously undesired.

i assume i need the collider box on the power up to enable me to "pick it up".

but how can i stop the physical force put onto it.

Add a rigid body to the box, disable gravity to keep it floating (If it is), and make mass 0 or as close to 0 as you can... (e-7 I believe), and then it shouldn't effect it to much...

Alternatively, is you can get the distance between the box, and rather do collisions, do it when it's a certain distance, it destroys...

Either way should work =). Good luck!