Drop-down enum pauses player - must it be so?

Hi to all,

So when in play mode, I change an enum field in the inspector, the player pauses. Must it be so? It’s super annoying… Any help appreciated! ( Unity 4.2, OSX Mountain Lion )

Edit: The editor’s drop down menu cause the same behaviour. Anyone??? And not getting OnApplicationPause callback in that case. Getting OnApplicationFocus( false ), but that’ pretty useless.

P.S.: I have Run in background checked, which by the way was hiding under the webplayer settings tab. Hum!

P.S.2: The biggest annoyance comes from the fact that only the main thread is suspended, not the audio thread, causing discrepancies and crashes…

Got a hacky workaround to fire an event when the bug occurs. Not ideal, but better than nothing! Bug reprted, btw.