Drop down menu not working how I expected

I have a drop down menu that has a public void with an int variable. This allows you to select an option from the drop down menu during runtime and produce a function (in this case language selection). I assign the OnClick function as a Dynamic int in the Inspector.

However, I now want to add the same function to an Event Trigger (EndDrag) but when I try to assign the function, I only get Static Parameters, no dynamic ones.

Can anyone tell me how to access the Dynamic int?

My script:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using UnityEngine.EventSystems;

public class DropDownMenu : MonoBehaviour {
public Dropdown myDropdown;
public static string key = null;
public CanvasGroup ok;

void Start() {
	myDropdown.onValueChanged.AddListener(delegate {});
		ok.alpha = 0f;
		ok.blocksRaycasts = false;
void Destroy() {
    public void SetDropdownIndex(int index) {
		myDropdown.value = index;
		if(index == 1){
			key = "English";
			Debug.Log ("English");
			ok.alpha = 1f;
			ok.blocksRaycasts = true;
		if(index == 2){
			key = "German";
			Debug.Log ("German");
			ok.alpha = 1f;
			ok.blocksRaycasts = true;

You need to update your parameter to receive a MonoBehaviour type reference.
I assume your dynamic value comes from a script then you pass that script as parameter to the listener. When the listener is called, it will go to the script and find the value at that moment:

public class DataStorage:MonoBehaviour{
      private int index;
      public int Index{  get{ return this.index; } }

public class DropDownMenu : MonoBehaviour 
     public void SetDropdownIndex(DataStorage data) {
          myDropdown.value = data.Index;
          if(data.Index == 1){  
          if(data.Index == 2){