Dropdown List covering up mouse cursor

Have an interesting issue with my UI that I was looking to get some thoughts on if anyone has experienced this. In the game I am working on I keep a UI canvas active all the time in the “DoNotDestroyOnLoad” scene. Within there I handle the mouse cursor appearance manually with UI images synchronized to the actual mouse cursor position while the native cursor is set to be hidden.

What is happening is that when I click on a Unity.UI.Dropdown it creates the DropDown List child with all the parts of the dropdown interaction. This is drawing on top of my manual mouse cursor.

What is interesting, however, is that when running in the editor and I click away from the game screen at all and then bring the mouse back over the game view my manual mouse cursor image is once again on top of everything correctly.

Its almost as if the Dropdown component is doing something to force its new elements to be drawn on top of everything else when its created. Not sure I can explain why setting focus away from the game view then back again undoes this though.

Figured this out but I think the DropDown system is a bit lame.

Turns out that the Dropdown system adds a Blocker canvas with sort order 29,999 (somewhat arbitrary it seems). This is so that the dropdown will show up on top of everything else.

That does leave just a little bit of room for something else to draw on top of it if you use any number 30,000 - 32,767.

32,767 is the sorting order I now use for the cursor and it works as expected.