Dropdown options list won't clear!

I have a dynamic dropdown list that adds and refreshes its entries. I can add items just fine, but I can’t get rid of them! My dropdown list is a list of connected P2P clients for some net code testing in Unity. So every time there is a connect or disconnect, this needs to update.

This is my update code

   public void UpdateClientListUI () {
      // DD_ClientList.ClearOptions();
      // DD_ClientList.options = new List<Dropdown.OptionData>();
      // DD_ClientList.RefreshShownValue();
      // DD_ClientList.value = 1;
      // DD_ClientList.value = 0;

      // foreach (var op in DD_ClientList.options) {
      //    DD_ClientList.options.Remove(op);
      // }

      var opList = new List<Dropdown.OptionData>();
      foreach (var client in Command.clients) {

         var op = new Dropdown.OptionData();
         op.text = client.name + " - " + client.uuid;



The commented-out code at the top is everything I’ve tried to clear the whole list, and it doesn’t work. I keep getting duplicate entries. I just have no idea how this should work.

Have you tried DD_ClientList.options.Clear();? I’m currently using dropdowns as well and this is what I use to clear the option list.

Edit: I tried using DD_ClientList.ClearOptions(); and it worked just fine for me, it’s even better than DD_ClientList.options.Clear(); since using it fixed a weird bug I was having where the dropdown label was null if the first option was selected.