Dropdown Shows Duplicate Results

Hi all,
I looked at creating a dropdown for my game with all possible resolutions. In the unity editor, the list works perfectly. But when I create a build, some of the values in the dropdown show duplicates. Thanks in advance for any replies.

		resolutions = Screen.resolutions;
		for (int i = 0; i < resolutions.Length; i++){
			videosettingsdropdown.GetComponent<Dropdown>().options.Add (new Dropdown.OptionData (ResToString (resolutions *)));*
  •  	videosettingsdropdown.GetComponent<Dropdown>().value = i;*
  •  }*

These Duplicates are due to different refresh rates: Using the code below:

      private void Awake()
        var options = Screen.resolutions;
        int counter = 0;
        foreach (var res in options)
          Vector3 temp = new Vector3(res.height, res.width, res.refreshRate);
          Debug.Log(counter++ + " : " + temp);

I got the following output in editor:

But in build i get:

Sorry for late reply. How exactly would I put this info in a dropdown? @Tobychappell

Also, would it be possible to only display resolutions at 60Hz? Maybe using something like if(res.refreshRate == 60)?
Many thanks