DS4Windows, PS4 Controller Trigger issue

Is anyone using DS4Windows and a PS4 controller? I’ve come across an issue with it. The right-trigger seems to be mapped to button #7, which is also the start button on an X360 controller.

Is there a way to disable this ‘button’ functionality and just have it as a trigger? I’ve tried fiddling with the settings in DS4Windows, but to no avail.

Running Unity 4.3.7p3, DSWindows ver and a PS4 controller

Go to settings select hide ps4 controller (is the first one for me).

I had this issue recently and solved by:

  • Using ds4windows
  • disabling the DualShockGamePadHID controller and leaving enabled XInputControllerWindows: Window → Analysis → Input Debugger.

With this configuration the ds4 works completely fine by Bluetooth. For some reason the right joystick had inverted directions.

Hope it helps