Dual Analog Right Stick X-Axis Not Reading

I can’t say this 100% for sure but I’m fairly certain that since the 3.4 update Unity won’t read the x-axis from the right analog stick on any dual analog controller that I have. It was working just fine before, but now it only reads the x and y axes from the left stick and the y axis from the right stick. Anybody know if something shifted in the Input Manager as far as which axis it should be tied to in there?

Usually the left stick is associated to the “Horizontal” and “Vertical” axes, and the right stick isn’t mapped in the default input settings. To access the right stick you must create two new axes in the Input manager (menu Edit/Project Settings/Input). Increment by two the Size parameter at the top of the Input Manager, then name the new axes as “RightH” and “RightV” (or whatever name you prefer), and set their characteristics. In my joystick (a popular chinese generic gamepad), RightH is the 3th axis, and RightV is the 5th one:

EDITED: Oops! You already had the right joystick installed - it easy things a lot: you must locate the right X axis in the Input Manager and copy the RightH configuration below (hope it’s the same for all joysticks!):