Dual/Multi monitor support


Display.MultiDisplayLicense(); Returns false.

I have unity pro running on my Mac. What do I need to run multi monitor setup.

Drop the Support team a message and include your order number. I have a suspicion that Display.MultiDisplayLicense() is part of a custom Unity version and not part of Pro.

I’ve been experimenting with a dual monitor game recently by simply creating a custom resolution that spans both monitors of Windows extended desktop and then launching the game in windowed mode at that resolution. Then getting rid of the window title bar etc with the -popupwindow switch.

I wrote about it here: Creating a Unity game stretched over Two Monitors | Alastair Aitchison

Well now days Unity has a function for this purpose, but it will only work in built versions of your game.

Screen.SetResolution(insertYourWidthHere, insertYourHeightHere, false);

For others who are wondering the same thing