duel touch

i need a way to fix this script, evertime i touch my gui it does what its supposed to however if i touch anywhere else it stops, but if i touch somewhere and then touch my gui it works.

i need a way to say if i touch my gui do this and if i touch something else keep on doing this as long as my finger is still on the gui.

so im trying to move forward and rotate as well

here is part of my script

	var touchcount = Input.touchCount;
for(var i = 0; i <touchcount; ++i)
var touch = Input.GetTouch(i);
if(Input.GetAxis("Vertical")>0 || touch.phase == TouchPhase.Stationary && ACE.guiTexture.HitTest(touch.position)){

ignore the axis controls thats just for testing and to mek it easy when i switchplatform

var count : float = 0;

function Update (){

for (var i = 0; i < Input.touchCount; ++i){ 
var touch : Touch = Input.GetTouch(i); 

if (touch.phase == TouchPhase.Stationary && guiTexture.HitTest(touch.position)){
	count = count +1;