Dummy positioning question

I have some animated characters that all have dummies attached at the top of the hierarchy. All the characters are positioned in the world where they need to be in scene, however the dummy is listed at coordinates 0,0,0. The Mesh and skeleton have coordinates that are relative to the world, however the developers need the dummy object to have logical coordinates to the world so they can move the characters around. We are exporting from 3d studio Max. Is there anything like reset xform or a way to reset an objects pivot?

one final note I tried parenting everything to a game object empty, but the developers say that wouldn't work for their purposes.


Parenting the animated object to a root object is how we always do, either in the model, manually through the editor or through code. There isn't many other options. Otherwise you can't move the object around since the animation will reset position every frame. Ideally, I prefer models that have a root so you can move it around freely.