Dummy/Turret in BootCamp ; missing assets

hi !

Can you please tell me from where I can find these dummy and turret assets , these are used in boot camp demo (which comes with unity3d 3.0) .Actually I am trying to work with its enemy Ai . I found some scripts of enemyAI in Assets\Scripts\enemies folder named "dummy" and "turret" .But I am unable to find assets for them.

-I have a question Can I apply these enemyAI scripts on some other models ??

or from where I can find these assets .Please help me =)

I'm not convinced enemy or dummy models come with the bootcamp demo project. I opened it just now to see if I could help you find them, but I don't see them. And when I move the soldier to the waypoint inside the building, the commanding officer says something like "thanks for playing the first part of the demo; play the rest on Unity's website."

As for whether the scripts can be used on other models, I had a quick look at the turret scripts. There don't seem to be any dependencies on the model, but there are a few dependencies on other scripts in the scene (eg. GameManager, TrainingStatistics.) More of a big deal is that much depends on the public variables of the turret being assigned to meaningful assets, and the turret getting the correct messages from other parts of the scene.

The best thing to do would be to have a working turret in the scene. Then you could watch it in action, inspect what all the variables are set to, and export it and its assigned assets to another scene. However, like you I was unable to find it in the version of the project supplied by the Unity installer.