Dungeon Keeper like game

I’m thinking about making a Dungeon Keeper (DK) like game using Unity.
Aiming at doing it the Unity way, i created 3 prefabs for the ‘tiles’ and constructed a basic map to get an idea of how performant this approach might be.
To give you an idea. here’s the ‘scene’:

This is what would be seen during playing:

The view is around 60 fps if disabling cast shadows, so that would be very ok. I just want to know what are your thoughts about this approach? Did anyone try anything similar or has any knowledge in this area?
Thanks guys!

This approach is not feasible for all but the smallest maps. Even a tiny 16x16 tile map would mean 256 gameobjects.Instead, do it like DK and similar games did it and create a mesh ,ideally divided into chunks, which represents your tiled terrain. There are dozens of tutorials on Minecraft-style mesh generation, and a good starting point is the Mesh class Scripting API in combination of knowledge of how to use 2-dimensional arrays.

Thanks for your opinion.
Is it based on any evidence? I’m a programmer myself and wouldn’t do it this way, but wanted to try. And results are pretty good. Performance wise dynamic batching does a very good job and can keep the framerate at 60fps (see view.jpg) in the scene (big.jpg, roughly 100x100 tiles).
It should be able to improve this by hierachically ordering tiles and disabling parts not visible.

Memory wise this whole build is around 40 MB, so besides textures, which are referenced, how much more can this get? 100MB for a 100x100 map? Probably not much more. Sounds ok.

Big time advantage would be that changing the tiles is an exchange of a GameObj and would happen every few seconds at maximum rate (not every frame). A very easy scheme compared to building some mesh, isn’t it?

I’ll have a look into your reference so far, thanks!