Duplicate object and keeping original name

(I’m pretty new to Unity, so forgive me if the answer to this question is very obvious)

I was wondering if it would be possible to duplicate a game object (with CTRL + D) whilst keeping the original name of the object, this option would be very useful to have because a plugin i use requires the items to have the original name.

When i duplicate something now i get for example:
Object > Object 1
Would it be possible to just keep the “Object” name for the duplicate?

I’m guessing you are using unity5 ?

I’m about 99% certain this can’t be changed. It was something they added with unity5 to help with organisation of the hierarchy and making it easier to find objects.


yes and it suck! 100 Go with (1), (2) etc don’t help with organisation (#CoinsInAScorer XD)
after you did copy you can select all Go you duplicate and rename with same name in inspector, that’s faster than supr the enumeration one by one.

You can change it to object.1 or object_1 from the settings. But i don’t think you can disable that naming.
Edit > Project Settings > Editor, its at the bottom of the page.