Duplicate object to an empty place in my map

I just started in Unity so i am figuring everything out,
I am creating a shop kind of thing where you can buy houses, so I use a code (for the ones interested:

GameObject textObject = (GameObject)Instantiate(Resources.Load(“DamageText”));

And when i press the “buy” button it all works, but when i press it twice (if i want to buy a second house) that object will spawn in the exact same spot.

Can i do something that prevents the cloned object from spawning in another object?
The script I use now is not a script i have to use, so if anyone else finds a whole different way to duplicate and place an object it would be just fine

Thanks in advance!

You could create a Vector3 variable that changes every time you purchase a house. Instantiate the new house at that new Vector3 location.