Duplicating animation from Blender FBX

I have a model with couple of animations, which i exported from blender into Unity as an .fbx file.

Animations in this fbx file are marked as read-only and thus I cannot modify them. Normally i would solved this by using Ctrl + D to duplicate the animation i want and then edited the duplicate, but the animations are named like this: “Armature|AnimationName” so when i try to duplicate them with Ctrl + D i get this error “ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path.”. How can i duplicate those animations then?
I even looked around in Blender, but haven’t found any way to prevent it from using such stupid names with special characters.

Had same problem and just solved it, so writing this for posterity :).
Your probably have name like sth|attack, sth|idle for different poses created in Blender. In this situation you can’t duplicate animation object because of vertical bar in name. You have to click on animation’s parent object in hierarchy and in inspector, in import settings click on animations button, change names of animations, and click on apply.