During sound between scenes

Hi, i´m novice, i want create background sound, i tried some tutorial, but it isn´t what i want and himself i can´t create this, i´m in a learning stage, i have 2 menu scenes and 1 game i´m created the sounds during scenes, but it´s during game scene and this is what i won´t, i want so that sound during just between menu scenes and when is game scene loaded the menu music will be stopped how i can create this ? thank for help :slight_smile: sorry for bad english

You will need a StartupScene (just use your first Scene for that). In this Scene you create a GameObject which handels the Music.

The Script on this GameObject needs function like this:

function Awake () {
	DontDestroyOnLoad (transform.gameObject);

function Update () {
	if(inMenu == false){
	audio.mute = true;
	audio.mute = false;

As you see you need a Variable which tells the Script if you are in Menu or in Game.