Dynamic Batching for SpritesRender

I have a Scene where all of the Sprites that I am using are in one Atlas. But when i run the game and go to that scene i have 13 instead of one draw call and no dynamic batches at all. Can someone explain to me what em i missing? This is a not a complex Scene and i have areas where the count goes up to 150 , wich is unacceptable for a mobile game.

OK , i found a part of the problem but there is another mistary.

If i have a single image and duplicate it = 1 batch
if i have 2 images = 2 batch
if i duplicate the first image and after that duplicate the second image each 3 times , still have 2 batches
if i duplicate them alternatively each of the instance will create a new batch.

Can someone explain this ?

Try to switch Mesh Type to “Rect”, “Tight” packaging can cause some sprites to overcome vertices limit.